Converge Canada wants to help you run a program with free resources. Need a new ministry for your church? Discipleship material to train new leaders? Looking for a Bible in a specific language to support your evangelism efforts?

We can help.

In Partnership with Bible League International, Converge Canada can offer these programs and resources for your church or ministry at no cost. Resource materials shown below are copyright owned by BLI and are not be copied or shared without permission.

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Do you know someone who speaks another language and may be looking for a Bible? Are you seeking to share Bible related Audio or Video resources on your next outreach or with your neighbours?

Find.Bible provides a directory with links to 4,480 Bible Versions and 30,514 Biblical Resources organized by country.

Discover the Bible Resources you access as you share the love of Christ with your friends and communities here in Canada.


Providing access to the Bible through learning English offers another opportunity to transform lives by the power of God’s Word.

This Bible-based Literacy ESL Program gives students the opportunity to learn basic reading and writing skills while making a powerful impact in their life—both personally and spiritually. Student’s lives are transformed through learning and trusting the Gospel, and new opportunities for evangelism arise naturally from the excitement of learning to read and write.

ESL Programs have the opportunity to open doors to the Gospel to people who might otherwise not be reached, including those new to Canada or those living in your neighborhood who don’t have access to private ESL Classes.

Looking for more information? Firm Foundations Information and FAQ’s.

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This Bible study program helps people to understand God’s Word so that they will find new life in Jesus Christ.

Project Philip Bible studies focus on the important connection between a trained Philip (Bible study leader) and those in need of the hope of the Gospel. The Philip clearly explains the need for salvation through Jesus Christ as they engage people in God’s Word. People find new life in Jesus Christ, and the Philip helps them become a vital part of a local church.

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