God is raising up new leaders.

Converge means “to come together and unite in a common interest or focus” and that is exactly the mission of Converge Canada.

One significant area of ministry for Converge Canada is supporting Canadian Not for Profit Organizations that are focused on Starting New Churches in Canada (Church Planting).

A key component of the eight year Partnership between Converge Canada and C2C Collective is the financial grant to ensure that C2C has the resources they need to assess, train and coach new leaders who are called to start new churches across Canada.

Recently, C2C shared in their newsletter that in Canada, a new season for starting new churches is upon us.

“More than ever before we are conscious of past failures and blind spots that are coming to light in the public arena. We are aware of growing hostility toward Christians in some corners of Canada’s culture. And many are concerned for the vitality of the church overall as habits and commitments of Christians appear to be shifting.

In this moment, though, some rich gifts of this season are already in view:

  • In this post-pandemic season, people with no prior church experience are connecting with churches and expressing fresh interest in learning about the Lord Jesus.
  • God is raising up new leaders with a deep commitment to making disciples through open and vulnerable relationships that were uncommon in past generations.
  • Other leaders are humbly responding to God’s conviction and confessing that they have not emphasized wholehearted discipleship in their churches.
  • We are discovering more of what we need to learn from those in the global church who know how to suffer well and live out a bold, faithful, and prayerful witness.
  • Church planters are leading their churches to volunteer in compassion & justice efforts, coming alongside established agencies in their cities.
  • We’re seeing a fresh vision for churches engaging online to reach spiritually needy people and to serve those who’ve been cut off because of illness, disability, or age.
These new opportunities and shifts in focus are only a quick sampling of what is stirring.

At a more foundational level, our team is more committed than ever to give our time and energy to encourage and safeguard the spiritual health of church planters. Those starting new churches must know Jesus intimately and walk with Him closely. As the days grow shorter and darkness deepens—both literally and spiritually—we must cling to our Shepherd and open our hearts for a fresh, sustaining work of the Holy Spirit and an outpouring of grace that draws our nation to Christ!

While serving church planters with assessment, coaching, training, and financial support, our priority is to ensure that Jesus is at the very centre. God must be the one mobilizing and it is the Holy Spirit who must give vision and strategy. We pray as Jesus taught us, “Father, Your kingdom come, Your will be done! In Canada as it is in heaven Lord!””

“We give thanks to God always for all of you, making mention of you in our prayers;” 1 Thessalonians 1:2

We are so thankful for the leadership of C2C Collective, Ron Leonard, Trevor Seath and Patrice Nagant. We look forward to being in partnership together for many more years and seeing Canada transformed with the start of new Churches.

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